About me & us!

Have you ever wondered how you can make use of garments with flaws? 


Recreated by Rey solves exactly that. This journey started with my passion for thrifting, and occasionally reselling. Something just didn't sit right with me to leave a piece of clothing behind only because of a minor paint stain or a pin hole.

My name is Reyna Jorgenson and I am the creator of Recreated by Rey. I am a student studying business, in the midwest. 

Recreated by Rey launched, full swing, in January. To date, I have made and sold just over 60 items via Instagram bidding. This journey is just beginning, though. 

Our mission is firm, and we are committed to zero waste designs. All of the items sold through RBR are sourced from second hand stores, and developed with exceptional quality to ensure that these pieces don't end up in the same donation process that they were created from. 

So, welcome! Thank you for striving for a greener earth. & please reach out if you would like to connect:)